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Top 7 Foods to Improve Your Sex Drive

In Ayurveda, foods that look like genitals are believed to have some positive effects in both men and women when it comes to improving sexual health. True enough, bananas, for example, can actually provide energy and increased arousal to people who eat them.

That being said, what others are considered the best foods for men’s virility? Read on to find out.


Rich in monounsaturated fat which is healthy for the body, the reason why you’d want to eat them (aside from the fact that I’ve just mentioned) is that it contains folic acid and Vitamin B6.

For those of you who do not know, folic acid is responsible for helping pump energy towards the different areas of the body, while Vitamin B6 helps stabilize the hormone levels inside you.


It is safe to say that all of the nuts that you can find on the market (that are edible) all contain arginine- an amino acid that can do wonders for men, especially since it can help prevent erectile dysfunction.

The reason why I mentioned almonds as opposed to the other nuts is that each almond contains more arginine than others (plus, they taste even better).


Strawberries are chock full of Vitamin C which can help promote better immune systems. But, how can it affect your sexual health?
Well, the seeds of the said fruit are loaded with zinc which is also the same mineral that is found in one of the most popular aphrodisiacs out there: The raw oyster.

If you cannot stand the sour taste of strawberries, raspberries are a great alternative.

Dark Chocolate

For a long time, dark chocolate has been consumed as a means of improving one’s sex drive. It does this thanks to its phenethylamine content which is something that can help release more serotonin and endorphins in the body.


This somewhat expensive spice is actually a known aphrodisiac and it can certainly help you improve your sexual endurance in bed. It does this by providing your body with the energy it needs to complete the task.


Although red meat should always be eaten in moderate quantities, you should always add them to your diet because they contain a lot of nutrients that will make you healthy (both inside and out).

Red meat contains a lot of protein which can help build your muscles and promote muscle repair. But more importantly, they contain a lot of zinc, iron, and B-vitamins which are all essential for improving your energy levels.


If red meat is quite expensive for you, there is a much cheaper alternative: Eggs. You must consider eating whole eggs because the yolk contains the bulk of the nutrients that you will need to improve your sexual endurance.

Aside from the obvious fact that it contains protein, an egg also contains amino acids that can help prevent erectile dysfunction.
Furthermore, you can have eggs in numerous ways and you can enjoy them in the best ways possible if that is what you desire.

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