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Web Development

The Complete Rundown of the Full-Stack Web Development

All About Web Development

As a web developer, you need to be well-rounded in terms of knowing the different programming languages, frameworks, and technologies that make the modern website work.

That is where full-stack web development comes in. Today, I am going to give you a complete rundown to give yourself a heads up on the things that you need to learn to become a good web developer.

It All Starts with the Foundation

There are certainly plenty of programming languages out there that can help you create a website, but the three most important ones are HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

HTML gives you the power to implement content on a website, CSS provides all of the aesthetics (from the font to the images), and Javascript essentially makes everything work (from the animations to any other interactive elements you can think of).

Learning these fundamentals will give you a solid foundation moving forward. I highly suggest that you take online courses found on Udemy to get a head start.

The Different Frameworks

If the three programming languages I mentioned earlier provide the foundation, the framework just gives you the tools that you need for certain implementations.

Given the huge number of frameworks available for web development, it can easily overwhelm beginners. Do not worry as I will highlight some of the best ones that you can use to start.

  • Bootstrap- Among the many frameworks you need to choose as a beginner, I highly recommend that you start with Bootstrap. This is essentially a CSS framework that you can use to easily customize any graphical element you can think of. This also ensures that any implementation of such will remain smooth and very responsive.
  • jQuery– This is one of the best and easiest Javascript frameworks to use. Because of the many plugins available to you, you can easily implement any feature you want. If you happen to stumble upon an issue, Stack Overflow is a good community that will give you solutions to common and even uncommon jQuery problems.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

If creating a website development from scratch is not your thing and you just want to have one made in just a few clicks, then you would want to use a content management system. The most popular one to date is WordPress because of its ease of use and the wide variety of plugins that you can use to extend its capabilities.

Hosting and Domain

Any created website will not be known to world without a good hosting service and a specific domain name. The popular websites like Google and Facebook, for example, all have their own dedicated domains, which means that when people type “” for example, they would always be redirected to Google’s own site.

That being said, the Domain name acts as your digital address and the Hosting service as the registry.

Backend Development

Much like coding, there are also frameworks for backend development as well. Without going into detail, I will recommend three of which you can start with. The first one is Django and it is a framework that is based on Python, one of the best programming languages out there.

The second I want you to focus on is Node/Express. This is much more in-depth than Django and a bit more complex, but if you can learn this, you’re pretty much good to go.

Frontend Development

This is the bit where you can create single-page web applications. To help you get started, I suggest that you begin with learning React and Redux. Both of them are extensive and provides a good foundation for starters.