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Great Event Hosting Tips for a Zero-Waste Event


We only have one Earth to live in and we have to make sure that we take care of it no matter what. People are now more conscious about the environment and big companies are also making the push to keep things environmental friendly.

However, there are still some occasions where you see a lot of trash and other wastes just being thrown in every corner and it is just a sad thing to see.

It is in the new event organiser hands to ensure that every event goer is going to be responsible with their trash.
Here are some great tips that you can follow for a zero-waste event:

1. Reusable Bags

Huge events like Music festivals and ones that are corporate in nature usually offer some freebies that event goers can take home. Instead of using plastic to hold them, why not distribute them by putting these things
inside a reusable tote bag?

These environment-friendly tote bags are actually quite cheap and they’re pretty sturdy as well. And, the good thing is that they do not cause harm to the environment due to the materials used in constructing it.

If there are plenty of freebies that you can hand out, make sure to use a reusable tote bag to house all of them.

2. Minimize Waste Through Reusing Your Old Stuff

If you are going to host an event for the same sponsor or brand, it is a good idea to actually just reuse the items from the previous event.

This is not only to save money, but this is also a ploy to save the environment as well. There are some souvenirs that require the use of trees and other natural resources can you can truly minimize that by just giving out what you still have with you.

Things such as shirts, caps, and welcome signs fall into this category. If there are things that can be safely reused, then just use that instead of ordering new things.

3. Place Waste Bins in Strategic Places

One of the reasons why people just throw their trash anywhere is that there are no waste bins in sight. Some people are indeed lazy and they will not hesitate to throw their stuff just about anywhere because of this.

That is why if you’re going to organize an event, make sure to place waste and garbage bins in strategic places.

If your event is outdoors, make sure to place a lot of waste bins in the entrances, in the middle of the event grounds, as well as the restrooms as well. Mark it Biodegradable or Non-Biodegradable so that people can help segregate their waste.

For indoor occasions, you could place waste bins at the entrances, near the main area, and also have one placed inside the restrooms for complete convenience.


By making a conscious effort to reduce the waste, we are helping our environment become better. At the end of the day, if we do these efforts, we are going to be the ones to benefit from it anyway.