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5 Web Design Tips for Your eCommerce Website

Let me ask you something: if you were to buy, say, a nice perfume online, which site would you be interested in buying it from? Do you buy from a site which looks convoluted, full or design elements that really do not match and they have plenty of options to choose from? Or, do you want to buy from a website where it doesn’t have as many perfumes, but it is presented in a nice and professional way?

If your answer is the second website, then you’re not wrong. About 80% of people actually prefer conducting business on a website that looks professional. As they say, first impressions last.

Selling stuff online has become a lucrative thing that many people are using the platform to earn some profits. If you want to join in, I am going to share some web design tips for your upcoming eCommerce website. So, be sure to stick around. This is based on the website making company.

1. Let Them Know Your Operating Hours

Just like when you visit a brick and mortar shop, you should let your visitors know directly when you’re going to operate and conduct your business.

Right off the bat, it should be prominent to them so that they can buy from you in the allotted time-frame. There are a few ways you can implement this:

  • Create an ‘About’ Page and list all of your details, including contact information and business hours
  • Put the same details at the Footer section of your homepage
  • If you have your own physical shop, adding a location widget like Google Maps helps. Add it somewhere on the homepage and pinpoint the exact location where your shop is situated at.

2. Your Best Products Should Be ‘Above the Fold’

When a visitor first stumbles upon your website, you want to let it be known what you have to offer right off the bat.

Place your best products above the fold. Where is this, you might ask? Well, it should be placed directly where the person lands on your homepage, meaning, at the very top.

Furthermore, if you’re going to use a menu, you don’t want to make it convoluted. Instead, add a hover mechanism so that whenever they hover their mouse on a particular category, it extends to give them the products that you offer in a neat and convenient way.

3. Additional Offers or Guarantees Should Be Made Prominent

Most successful ventures always offer something extra to gain an edge over the competition. For instance, if you’re offering a no-frills refund policy, then let it be known. This information can be placed anywhere on your homepage; just make it sure that it is big enough to be seen.

4. Customer Testimonials Can Help

People will not hesitate to spend their money if they know that the website is trustworthy. You can add previous customer testimonials on your page so that people will know that they can indeed entrust you with their hard-earned cash.

5. Make Sure That Your Site is Secure

When conducting business online, you want to make sure that your page is secure. This can be known when there is an SSL security badge just right before the URL of your site.

If you use site builders, there is an option for you to implement this. By securing your website, you will always give confidence to your customers that transacting with you is safe and secure.